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SB1107 is on Governor's Brown's Desk Now!

Dear Supporter,

Big money contributions and expenditures by millionaires and special interests are dominating our elections. The voices of regular voters are drowned out, and most Americans believe money has far too much influence in politics.

That's why we need public financing of campaigns so that elected officials are accountable to voters, not Big Money donors.

Unfortunately, in California public financing of campaigns is banned in counties, non-charter cities, and even the state itself due to Proposition 73, a bad initiative in 1988 that's had virtually all its provisions invalidated in federal court.

Now California has the opportunity to lead the way in public financing of elections.  SB 1107, authored by Senator Ben Allen, co-authored by Senator Loni Hancock, and sponsored by California Common Cause and the California Clean Money Campaign, will amend the ban to allow for public financing of campaigns that are paid for by dedicated campaign finance trust funds.

Please send an email directly to Governor Brown — whether you've signed petitions before or not — and ask Governor Brown to vote "Yes on SB 1107" and then call Governor Brown. The phone call is extremely important - so important that we will pay for your phone call.

Call Governor Brown and We Will Pay for your Phone Call
Call Governor Brown and ask him to sign SB 1107 into law. Just click on the phone icon and enter your phone number; we will call you back and connect you to the Governor's office. Or you can call 720-336-4133 and we will pay for the phone call. You can use our sample script or your own words. Be sure to call between 9am and 5pm (there is no voice mail)

Sample Script
My name is xxxxx and I live in xxxxx. I support SB 1107 because I want my voice to be heard on things that are important to me and my family.
Voters like me are increasingly concerned about the influence of money in politics. Recent polls say 87% of Americans believe campaign finance should be reformed so a rich person does not have more influence than a person who cannot donate.

SB 1107 would expand the options for local governments to respond to voters' concerns. It would permit local governments or the state to enact laws that create voluntary public campaign financing programs if they meet specified requirements for fairness and accountability. It would not create any new programs or require any government to do so.

Please stand with the 38 good government and other organizations that support SB 1107 and the tens of thousands of Californians who've petitioned for it.  Please sign SB 1107 into law. Thank you.

Let's make California the first state to get Big Money out of politics. Remember, send an email and then make the phone call (one phone call is worth 10 emails)

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

P.S. If you like our technology and the idea of helping people call their elected officials for free, please consider making a donation to our new campaign.

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