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The Comment Period Ends Today

Dear Supporter,

Because of the Arrest Related Death Act the DOJ has the responsibility to require police officers to collect data on any and all deaths of people while in custody. Right now, the DOJ is accepting public comment on the importance of this data collection.

We need this information. We need you to help make sure the DOJ has the support of the public to require police to comply.

Right now you can make your voice officially heard regarding police accountability. The Arrest Related Death Act, which is a part of The Death in Custody Reporting Act, and how it is carried out, the role of the DOJ in holding police accountable and the data collected by this Act are the subject of an official Department of Justice open comment period and that comment period ends today!

The public must weigh in on the importance of this data--OR the DOJ will only hear from law enforcement agencies, who will likely say this reporting is a burden.

The public needs to comment and make it known that data regarding the loss of life during an arrest is not a burden, but an opportunity to protect citizens in the future.

Sign and send our petition to the DOJ: Law Enforcement Agenices must report deaths in custody.

All open comment periods lay out points to touch on and this one is no exception. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is looking for input on the changes they have made to the report form, opinions on the
burden this places on Law Enforcement Agencies and Medical Examiners, suggestions regarding means of collection via outside sources such as news articles and twitter feeds and the role that DOJ has to carry the ARD Act out. But it is important to ensure that your voice comes through as well. Below are comments that fall well within the parameters for comment topics.

Thank you for taking the time to speak up regarding police accountability and the Department of Justices role in ensuring that the American people have a clear picture of how the law is enforced in this country. The data collected from the ARD Act is just the first of many steps to passing legislation that protects American citizens and transforms the role of law enforcement in this country.

The moments you take to clearly express your opinion will bring the Law Enforcement Agencies in this country one step closer to accountability.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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