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Make the Debate More Meaningful and Possibly Win a Cool Prize; Playt #TPPDebateBingo

Dear Supporter,

On Wednesday, October 19th, we will witness the last Presidential Debate. TPP is NOT off the table and anyone who believes it is doesn't know politics. Test your TPP knowledge by playing a game of #TPPDebateBingo, a game designed by our friends at the AFL-CIO. This has been a crazy election year—and regardless of who you support for president, there is one issue that informed citizens and legislators on both sides of the aisle agree will have a permanent and devastating impact on America: The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, or TPP.

In presidential debates, issues are often reduced to talking points both candidates argue to show voters their differences. TPP is more complicated because it affects a range of issues that matter to every segment of society—across party lines. Yet many Americans still don’t know what’s in TPP, how TPP will affect them, or that Congress could vote on this horrific deal as early as November.

That’s why People Demanding Action partnered with the AFL-CIO and the Coalition for Better Trade to sponsor #TPPDebateBingo Watch Parties; Wednesday is the last watch party. Click on the link and download the package complete with instructions and game board. Win a TPP T-Shirt and stickers by retweeting our Tweets during the Twitterstorm. Visit the download page for details and to book your watch party!

#TPPDebateBingo is a fun way to engage your friends and neighbors in talking about the issues that matter right now—because virtually every one leads back to TPP. They don’t have to care which candidate wins the debate to attend a watch party and play, because the game is focused on the issues!

Get engaged, get educated on TPP and join us on our call on October 30th to get the latest update from where we stand on Capitol Hill.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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