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Today is a national day of action for our campaign, along with allies like Common Cause, to advance the Fight Big Money legislative agenda.

We're doing one big final push before Election Day.

Nearly one-third of all congressional candidates have gone on the record and told voters where they stand on pro-democracy solutions like overturning Citizens United and real-time disclosure of political spending. We need to get them all on record.

Through the site, you can contact and urge candidates to take the questionaire and fight the corrupting influence of Big Money in elections. If they're already on board, consider a "thank you" call.

And if you've already taken action with this campaign, it's important that they hear from you again in these final weeks.


What will you do to restore balance to our democracy?

Together, we’re working for a democracy that represents all of us. But right now, our politics are radically out of balance -- tilted away from voters, and towards wealthy special interests.

Americans of all political stripes are rightly outraged that our system isn’t working for us -- only for wealthy special interests. But despite this divisive campaign, overwhelming majorities of voters support common sense ways to restore balance to our democracy, like overturning Citizens United and real-time disclosure of political spending.

Our easy tool will tell you where they stand -- and make it easy to call, email, and tweet the candidates who want to represent YOU.

We deserve to know -- are candidates for Congress with us? TAKE ACTION >>

We The People are unified for democracy reform -- 85% of voters agree we need to make “fundamental changes” or “completely rebuild” the way we fund political campaigns. Now, it’s time to find out whether our elected officials are on our side.

That’s why we asked everyone running for Congress this year to take the Who Will Fight Big Money questionnaire -- a dozen simple yes-or-no questions about what positive steps they support to make our democracy work for everyone.

Candidates won’t respond unless they hear directly from voters that making our democracy represent all of us should be a top priority. Our online tool makes it easy to see who is running to represent your district and state in Congress -- and you can email, tweet, or call them with a click of a button.

See which candidates in your district have gone on the record -- then ask the ones who haven’t to tell you where they stand!

The need for reform couldn’t be clearer -- and I know that if we stand together and speak out, we can make a real difference.

Thanks for all you do,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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