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Introducing www.carpoolvote.com

Dear Supporter,

We're making it possible for people to get to the polls by providing free rides; so far we have worked with partners to recruit nearly 2,000 drivers. If you need a ride or are prepared to offer a ride, please sign up at www.carpoolvote.com. Every day we hear about new cases of voter suppression, so it is critical that we help voters who want to vote make it to the polls. The CarPoolVote system was built entirely by volunteer Web engineers and Web designers.

We are partnering with churches and other organizations that help riders find rides; many of these organizations aren't online and if we want to match their riders with our drivers, it's still a manual process. Now we need your help to bring on paid staff who will coordinate with riders and drivers, provide texting service for our drivers and pay for drivers license checks.

Can you help us with a donation to hire the staff and buy the services that we need? Our system is national but we have concentrated on recruiting drivers in Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin; these states are all voter suppression states and have launched campaigns making it even more difficult for voters to vote. Our people working the phones are reminding voters to bring their Photo ID and asking if there are neighbors and family members that could ride with them.

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