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Time to Return Democracy to the People

Dear Supporter,

Due to the devastating Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billions of dollars of mostly hidden money is flooding this year's election. It's corrupting our democracy.

Demand Congress listen to voters instructing them to overturn Citizens United by voting Yes on 59!

Prop 59 will instruct California's Congressmembers and legislators to propose and ratify a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United saying that money isn't speech and corporations aren't people.  No more unlimited campaign spending!

33 of California's 53 Congressmembers have already cosponsored constitutional amendments that would overturn Citizens United
.  But constitutional amendments require a 2/3 vote in Congress, so we must get more to sign the Prop 59 pledge.

Prop 59 is an exciting measure which allows voters to instruct California's elected officials to pass a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United, specifically asking:

“Shall California’s elected officials use all of their constitutional authority, including, but not limited to ratifying an amendment or amendments to the United States Constitution to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and other applicable judicial precedents, to allow the full regulation or limitation of campaign contributions and spending, to ensure that all citizens, regardless of wealth, may express their views to one another, and to make clear that corporations should not have the same rights as human beings?”

Polling shows that (1) if people DON'T hear anything about Prop 59, it's a very close call whether it will pass, but that (2) when people hear the arguments for it, 73% say they'll vote for it.

California has an opportunity to lead the way in overturning Citizens United. Please sign the petition and tell your Member of Congress to stand with their constituents and sign the Prop 59 pledge.

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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