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Full Employment, Tax Wall Street, Protect Workers Rights

Dear Supporter,

President-elect Donald Trump and conservatives on Capitol Hill are preparing to unleash a series of economic policies in an attempt to undermine years of progress. People Demanding Action will continue to fight for full employment, fair trade policies that put American workers and the environment first, a financial transaction tax that supports human needs and provide a dignified retirement for workers. Our 2017 Legislative Agenda will include all these issues and we will expand our work to the state level as well.

People Demanding Actions supports the following progressive vision:

Restore full employment
Create an economy where employers have to compete for workers by raising wages

Strengthen—not gut—rules that support good jobs
Preserve and expand rules that support good jobs and create economically secure families and a fairer economy

Protect the basic human right of worker organization
The freedom to bargain collectively

Level the playing field that trade agreements slanted against workers
Globalization depresses wages—and our trade policy makes it worse

Raise top tax rates to invest in America and restore power to the bottom 90 percent
The top 1 percent do not need tax cuts that increase their incentive to further rig the economy’s rules

If you support this vision, please sign the petition and prepare to join us for Congressional lobby visits and phone calls to Congress Members.

We will continue to oppose trickle-down, deregulation of finance and worker protections, and assaults on unions; this undercuts U.S. workers’ economic clout.

The blame for workers’ plight should be placed squarely where it is due: on the corporate owners, top managers and Wall Street financiers, and the policymakers in their sway.

I'm ready for the fight! Are you?

In solidarity,

Andrea Miller
Executive Director

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