Tell Egypt We'll Do our Part

Recent uprisings for democracy in Egypt and elsewhere in the region have transfixed millions of Americans. Join us in solidarity with pro-democracy activists. We’ll share this message with those who used social media to organize the revolution.

Sign it, email your friends and post on Facebook.

An Open Letter to the People of Egypt

From the United States, we watched as you stood up for democracy, faced huge obstacles and used nonviolent action to depose a dictator. We send you our congratulations and appreciation for showing us -- and people all over the planet -- the power of mobilized humanity in the quest for justice and freedom.

As Americans, we have a responsibility to reset U.S. government policies in Egypt and the entire region. Last week, thousands of us signed a letter demanding that Obama apologize for our country’s three decades of support for the Mubarak regime. Now, in the absence of a presidential apology, we take it upon ourselves to apologize. We resolve to work for human rights in solidarity with you, calling for a swift transition for democracy in Egypt. We intend to work so that U.S. foreign policy truly becomes aligned with the values of democracy and human rights.

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