A War Two-Thirds of Us Oppose, Waged for "Democracy"

"US and Afghan Troops Promoting Democracy" is the headline of a column by Congressman Joe "You lie!" Wilson. "Harvesting Democracy in Afghanistan" is the headline of a Time Magazine article by Joe Klein.
General David Petraeus, on the other hand, has said an Afghan democracy is not the goal. He's also said a significant withdrawal in July is unlikely. Such a withdrawal has been promised repeatedly by President Obama and is favored by 73% of Americans.
According to the Pentagon, we have 96,900 soldiers and 87,483 contractors in Afghanistan, as of last December. That's more than triple what we had when Obama became president, and the result of the 2009 "surge" and the 2010 "surge," both of which only made matters worse.
And what kind of democracy are they "harvesting" at home?  Look at the recent poll numbers:

  • By 73% to 21% Americans say: withdraw a substantial number of U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan this summer -- ABC/Washington Post
  • By 63% to 30% Americans want complete withdrawal -- Bloomberg
  • By 72% to 25% Americans want to speed up the withdrawal -- USA Today / Gallup
  • By 53% to 39% Americans say U.S. troops should not be involved in Afghanistan -- CBS
  • By 50% to 44% Americans say: remove all troops ASAP -- Pew
  • By 64% to 31% Americans say the war has not been worth fighting -- ABC / Washington Post
  • By 58% to 40% Americans oppose the war -- CNN / Opinion Research Corporation

In contrast, last month only 22.5% of House Members voted for withdrawal by the end of 2011.
Please join us in asking Congress: Where's the democracy?