Help us defeat the insurance-industry backed Prop 33!

Mercury Insurance is running a campaign based on fallacies and lies.  Help us get the truth out about this industry-backed proposition that will strip apart 25 years of consumer protections - which have saved California consumers over $62 billion over that time period.

We've taken on Mercury Insurance before and we're prepared to do it again.  With your help we will defeat them in November.  Donate today!

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The Consumer Watchdog Campaign (CWC), which was formerly the Campaign for Consumer Rights (CCR), a California-based nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization, is the advocacy and campaign affiliate of Consumer Watchdog. CWC and its campaign committee (ID#1336069) were organized to protect consumers' interests in the ballot initiative and legislative process. We do not take positions on candidate elections.

Over the years CWC has co-sponsored ballot propositions on energy deregulation and HMO reform. It has fought corporate efforts to weaken the legal rights of consumers and has successfully campaigned to preserve some of the nation’s toughest municipal conflict of interest laws. Donations to CWC are not tax deductible.

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CWC is chaired by nationally recognized consumer advocate and author of insurance reform Proposition 103, Harvey Rosenfield. Also on its board of directors is consumer activist Jamie Court, author of The Progressive's Guide to Raising Hell. Rosenfield founded CCR's affiliate Consumer Watchdog, and Court currently serves as Consumer Watchdog's president.